W.R.S Govt. College Dehri Established in 1972

W.R.S Govt. College Dehri (H.P)

Contact Number 01893- 250024

Semester – III

Subject in M.A. Economics

1st Semester
Course NameSubject Name
Course I Micro Economics
Course II    International Economics
Course III Elementary Mathematical Economics
IInd Semester
Course IV  Macro Economics
IIIrd Semester
Course VII Economics of Development & Planning
Course VIII History of Economics Thought
Course IX   

Any one of the following

Optional Courses
(1) Agricultural Economics (2) Regional Economics
(3) Economics of Population (4) Basic Economics
IVth Semester 
Course X Indian Economy
Course XI Public Finance
Course XII    Any one of the following
Optional Courses
(1) Labour Economics (2) Industrial Economics
(3) Environmental Economics

Subjects in M.A./M.Sc. Mathematics

Course NameSubject Name
M 101 Real Analysis – I
M 102 Advanced Algebra – I
M 103 Ordinary Differential Equations
M 104 Operations Research – I
M 105 Fluid Dynamics
Semester – II 
M 201 Real Analysis – II
M 202 Advanced Algebra – II
M 203 Partial Different Equations
M 204 Classical Mechanics
M 205 Solid Mechanics
Semester – III
M 301 Complex Analysis – I
M 302 Topology
M 303 Analytic number theory
M 304 Operations Research – II
M 305 Mathematical Statistics
Semester – IV
M 401 Complex Analysis – II
M 402 Functional Analysis
M 403 Advanced Discrete Mathematics
M 404 Differential Geometry
M 405 Magneto Fluid Dynamics
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